Jun 132013
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Consider the following points when you decide how to get everyone on board with the group’s purpose and identity. 1. Don’t be too quick to dismiss this person.They may have an important perspective that needs to be considered but the group is avoiding. Does their point of view actually expose a bigger way to think […]

Jun 102013
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There IS a Better Way

When speaking to a group of small business owners last week I was reminded of how much struggle and frustration people experience at work. I began the workshop by asking people to describe their experiences of groups that they work in. They used words like “no communication, competition, backbiting, lack of leadership, mediocrity, frustration, disappointment” […]

Jun 062013
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Showing that you appreciate someone for what they contribute to you or your work is more than just a nice thing to do. It is also inspiring the future. Who doesn’t want to be genuinely acknowledged for doing well? It naturally encourages us to do more of that. That’s partly thanks to those brain chemicals […]

Jun 032013
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The staff meeting began with the senior vice president saying “Someone has to be held accountable for this mess. What the hell happened?” I could feel everyone in the room shrink back. The room was very quiet for a long moment. The tone of the manager’s question made it clear that he was looking for […]

May 292013
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Anytime a group of people interact routinely, they develop agreements about how things are going to be done. Agreements create structure for your relationships and determine how you work together. For example, your job title and description is an agreement you are in with the organization you work in. That kind of agreement is explicit […]

Apr 032012
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Thanks for joining us! This is the place for people who want to work in more productive and satisfying groups. We will be exploring all topics related to powerful groups and look forward to building a community of people who are working on new ways of working and leading together. Please share your experiences – […]