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Showing that you appreciate someone for what they contribute to you or your work is more than just a nice thing to do. It is also inspiring the future. Who doesn’t want to be genuinely acknowledged for doing well? It naturally encourages us to do more of that. That’s partly thanks to those brain chemicals like endorphins that get released in those moments. We want more!

It’s psychologically powerful. Daniel Pink wrote a book called Drive that shows how strongly motivated people are by the intrinsic rewards of work and that the focus on money and material rewards can be overdone. Don’t get me wrong, no one is saying money isn’t important. We all deserve to be rewarded well financially. But it’s clearly not the only motivator or we wouldn’t have artists and musicians struggling with day jobs to support their passion. The intrinsic value of the activity looms large.

Part of that intrinsic worth is the connection to our own personal values and the connection with people who share those values. We get to experience them physically and emotionally when they acknowledge us for what we are doing.

The Formula

Culturally speaking the feedback that acknowledgment and appreciation provides helps to reinforce the group’s values and encourage the behaviors and habits that support them.

Tie it to your inspiration and agreements:
When your appreciation is specific to your group’s mission and goals then you are continually building the culture in your group that supports them. When you make an effort to acknowledge the way in which people are keeping the agreements they committed to, you are strengthening those agreements and making them worth more.

Make it a habit:
Acknowledgment needs to be routine and present throughout your organization. That is what builds a strong culture grounded in what people value most.

Make it real:
This cannot be manipulated to get results from people. We’re all savvy to insincere compliments and manipulation. But when it is sincere and heartfelt, acknowledging others for how they have furthered your mission and the well-being of your group will serve everyone well.

Expressing happy thoughts relieves stress and creates positive brain chemistry for both the giver and the receiver. Share some of the feel good chemicals with your coworkers today and watch your results improve.

Group Alchemy® is a comprehensive method for establishing a collaborative culture in any group. Applying this formula ensures that your group stays inspired, efficient and productive.

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