Feb 032015
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When was the last time your group sat down to discuss how you are doing – in terms of your working together? I recently helped a client group have that conversation and it quickly became clear that some things weren’t going well. Yet folks were holding in their frustrations and not talking about what was […]

Dec 132013
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What about leadership?

Often when I give a talk on group alchemy an audience member asks a question that goes something like: “Aren’t the problems you described, such as coming late to meetings or not following through on commitments really a problem of leadership? If the leader ‘lays down the law’ and makes it clear that either you […]

Sep 172013
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Worst Five Mistakes Leaders Make

5 Worst Mistakes Leaders Make As I’ve worked with many dozens of groups over the years I’ve seen certain mistakes over and over again – running their group – and their potential success into a ditch. Here are the top five mistakes I’ve seen that block groups from achieving their true potential so you can […]

Aug 212013
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Freedom In Structure

If you’ve ever wondered “how do I make sure we’re doing what we can to be most effective” – consider creating structure. The structure I’m referring to creates the open communication needed for high-powered collaboration. Good leaders behave in ways that strengthen relationships. But as I always say – while that’s good practice – it’s […]

Aug 192013
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Apathy: indifference, lack of concern, lethargy – that feeling that people don’t really care about what’s going on. It might be you who is feeling apathetic or perhaps the people around you appear apathetic to you. Either way apathy is a major drag. It drags down enthusiasm and energy, stifles the cooperation and communication necessary […]

Jul 182013
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Lately, as Group Alchemy grows, I’ve had to spend a lot of time on a thousand administrative details and difficult tasks. Every day has felt like a long “to do” list of jobs that support my true work but aren’t “it.” They are necessary and important, but they don’t feed me the way that actually […]

Jun 262013
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Have you ever felt people in your group were looking backward instead of forward? Or that people are resistant to change, content to stick with things as they are, not interested in taking on new challenges? Do you sense that people are bored, feel uninspired, disengaged? These are the symptoms of the being stuck in […]

Jun 242013
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Growing attention to the costs of stress means that many larger companies have created wellness programs that promote exercise and meditation and provide assistance to employees to create healthy lifestyles and learn how to cope with external sources of stress. This is great. We need more of that. Much of health and wellness is an […]

Jun 202013
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As we move through the winter solstice the northern hemisphere is closing down for its winter rest. This has long been a time of literally going inside, and of turning inward for rest and rejuvenation. And as our calendar year comes to a close, it’s a time when many of us take time to reflect […]

Jun 172013
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Once you have strengthened your inspiration (values, vision, mission) then we can take a closer look at how to work with agreements to address behavior that is having a negative impact on the group. 1. Remember, your culture shapes what is possible, and it’s a product of all that happens.Think about how the culture in […]