1. The Power of Hidden Agreements: 5 Secrets to Commitment, Accountability and Success

The key to success is authentic teamwork and collaboration. And the key to that kind of collaboration is the culture in the group. Discover how you can easily build a culture that creates clarity, cooperation and efficiency – within and across organizational structures. Apply this proven formula and put an end to unhealthy power struggles and conflict. Watch your results skyrocket – and your job get easier!

You will learn:

  • How to quickly establish the foundation for high-impact collaboration with any colleague or partner.
  • Three simple things you can do instantly to improve communication and efficiency.
  • A powerful technique to eliminate the hidden stumbling blocks to success in your team, partnership or coalition.
  • The secret to preventing the typical breakdowns and frustrations that put the brakes on what is possible.


2. Game-Changing Leadership: How to Create a Collaborative Culture, Unlock the Power of Your Group
 and Achieve Big Impact

Old command-and-control ideas of leadership are not sufficient today. Current demands on performance and the emphasis on collaboration across coalitions, networks, cross-functional teams, self-managed and virtual teams calls for a new kind of leadership. Learn a cultural approach to leadership that reliably draws out the hidden capacity in your organization. Establish this visionary structure of effective practices in your group and expand your impact dramatically. You will stand above the crowd and be sought after.

You will be able to:

  • Lead with a vision and build shared ownership for results.
  • Fend of cynicism and sustain enthusiasm and full engagement.
  • Maintain open communication, cohesion and cooperation.
  • Develop your personal leadership style to maximize the creative alchemy in your group.


3. The Truth About Culture Change: What You Need to Know to Go From Average to Awesome

There is a lot of misleading information out there about managing and changing culture. This presentation breaks the myths so you can work effectively in the domain of culture to address change. All change, whether due to external threats, reorganization, leadership changes or breakdowns in morale are valuable opportunities to increase the power of your group. Get the straight truth about how to create a culture of success and learn practical ways to capture the potential in these moments.

You will be able to:

  • Identify how your group’s culture is shaping results and where it needs to change.
  • Come from your vision to propel your work.
  • Create a plan for building a culture of success.
  • Define your distinctive role as leader in your cultural transformation.



4. The Culture Solution: Six Steps to Rapidly Pull Your Team Together and Guarantee Success

Do you wish it was easier to pull your group together and get more done? Is your group fragmenting under the strain of change?
When you have no time for inefficiencies, internal competition, or the drama that easily crops up in groups – don’t leave it to chance. Learn how to prevent and eliminate the common internal frictions and barriers to success once and for all. Get a practical, easy to apply formula that will keep your group focused around shared vision and goals. Tap into the full capabilities of your group and get more results with less effort and strain.

You will be able to:

  • Identify and optimize the talents and capabilities in your group.
  • Structure your work around explicit agreements that convert differences into creative cohesiveness.
  • Eliminate personality clashes and power struggles.
  • Create a group that has the flexibility to adapt to change.


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